Information Technology Society

The Student members, teaching and non-teaching staff members together formed a society for the development of the students called Information Technology Society.

The Information Technology Society was inaugurated on 19th September 2011 by Mr.S.Kailash, Project leader, CDAC, Chennai. The Director Dr.K.Ethirajulu presided over the function in the presence of our Principal Dr.P.Sivagnanam and Vice-Principal Prof.K.Raghu.

IT Society focuses on meeting the needs of IT students within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. Its mission is to craft the young students as energetic engineers blessed with pragmatic skills so that they can boldly face the challenges of the industrial world.

Objectives of Information Technology Society:

  1. To develop globally competitive human resources that can live up to the challenges of Indian IT industries.
  2. To work with colleges & universities to draw upon diverse and collaborative communication with broader community.
  3. To foster innovation and continuous improvement in the range of quality of service we provide.
  4. To encourage and recognize the efforts of faculty and students to conduct research, teaching practice that improve the quality of life.
  5. To facilitate the members with Guest lectures and workshops to gain knowledge in frontier technologies.
  6. To organize symposium to provide a platform for the students to exchange information and interact with broader community.
  7. To organize Industrial visits to gain practical knowledge and to know the company’s environment.
  8. To engage the members in various placement activities such as soft skills development, career planning programs and so on.
  9. To provide all members with welcoming and supportive atmosphere and to treat them with fairness, respect and consideration.
  10. 10) To provide a media through members of the society can socialize and express their opinions in relaxed atmosphere.
  11. To encourage the members of the society in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  12. To motivate each members spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical spirit.