Library Automation & Computerization

Library Automation and Computerization

  • A Book database is created in the computer software and is entered in the accession register.
  • A student database is created in the computer software with the membership numbers, student name, and number of tokens.
  • Staff database is created in the computer software with name, membership number, token number and department.
  • After the physical segregation of books under various disciplines, the same is carried out in the computer system program with interlinking accession numbers and call numbers.
  • When books are issued, it is also entered in the computer. The member’s number is entered and the accession number of the book or magazine borrowed by the member along with the date of issue and the due date. Book renewal can also be done in the same way.
  • Books can be retrieved either if the author is known or if the title is known. Books can also be retrieved according to any particular subject since all the available books on that particular subject are also displayed.
  • Both the Libraries have separate sections for old periodicals and magazines