Vision & Mission


The Vision of our College are:

  1. To impart Knowledge to our students how to use whole of themselves.
  2. To make them realize that equipping and capacity building is an on-going process.
  3. To make our students learn social skills which include personal relationship, decision making and conflict resolutions.
  4. To make our students the worthy citizens of a nation of priceless heritage.
  5. To make them Move to Learn and Learn to Move


The above visions are to be realized by scrupulously adhering the followings.

  • To provide with every student meticulous individual attention under our period of guidance and to make her reap the maximum benefit from teachers.
  • To provide with the necessary state of the art facilities to cope with the curriculum.
  • To provide with accessibility to latest trends and modern equipments to pave a way for new innovations.
  • To provide with proper exposure to the employment opportunities in government and private sector.
  • To provide with opportunities to listen and learn from the eminent personalities of national and international renown in their respective fields and to create a thirst for such dimension in their own personalities.
  • Providing with a placement Guidance Cell with up-to-date information from home and abroad.
  • Providing with coaching for communication skills and presentation skills, a prerequisite in the modern world.